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Welcome to Chimney Repair Glasgow, fully qualified experts in all aspects of chimney repair and roofing services. If you have a functioning fireplace then you will need a chimney and it is so important to ensure your home's chimney is kept in good working order. That is why our experts are here to help with our quality chimney repairs, no matter the type of property.

Who we are

We are the roofing experts in Glasgow and central Scotland for everything from roof installations and flat roof repairs to guttering services and chimney repairs. No matter whether you need a chimney removed, repaired or a chimney pot replacement we have the experienced chimney repairs tradesman to do the job.

With over a decade of experience in the professional roofing services industry, we are proud to specialise in chimney repairs for the Glasgow area and wider regions. We understand how difficult it can be to maintain a chimney, given the exposed position on the roof and vulnerability to leaks and storm damage. Repairs are our expertise and we love to help our customers.

Our customers return to us time and again over the years for our roof repairs and general roofing services, whether it is a maintenance plan for their roof and chimney or for an emergency chimney repair service following some severe weather. We value this trust and confidence placed in us by our customers and always offer the very best service.

It is our belief that communication and professionalism are the foundations from which to build a successful business. That is why our customers are guaranteed to receive honest, trustworthy guidance during every interaction. Furthermore, all of our expert tradesmen use the very best materials, tools and techniques to ensure a professional finish that stands the test of time.

Why chimney repairs are so important

There are some important reasons why chimney repairs are absolutely vital to get right, as well as making sure you tackle issues straight away. Here are just a few of the key reasons:

Water leaks

Due to the exposed nature of chimneys and in many cases, being part of an older property they can be prone to damage from the elements. In a very similar way to a roof, you want to ensure that it is as secure as possible to ensure that water doesn't find its way into the roof or chimney structure via such areas as the chimney pointing, chimney lining or parapet walls.

Water can lead to expensive and serious structural damage, as well as damp. These can be far more expensive to fix than getting your chimney repaired regularly and pose a risk to the rest of your property.

Damage to your property

If the structural integrity of your chimney fails, then it will be at risk of collapsing onto other parts of your property such as the roof. In turn, this could be catastrophic to your home and require significant repair and renovations. Often it is the flashing around your roof that is the source of a leak and our experts will inspect this for you whenever we complete a site visit.

Furthermore, it could pose a risk to the people living in and around your home or office and this is not something you want. For a safe and secure property, use experts in chimney repairs like us as soon as you spot an issue.

Health and Safety in the home

If you have a functioning fireplace then you will need to have a working chimney. This is all part of the health and safety of your home and should you fail to maintain the chimney then it could pose a risk including fire and smoke damage.

Whenever you use your fire, monitor your chimney's performance and should you notice any issues such as a blockage then get in touch with our team straight away.

The services we offer

We offer a wide range of chimney repair services for all customers across Glasgow and the surrounding regions. Chimney work is a bespoke service and requires a site visit to understand the exact requirements, all part of our free no-obligation consultation. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Stone repairs and replacement of any masonry that has fallen off or has the potential to fall off.
  • Repointing of the chimney structure and its connecting sections to maximise its structural strength.
  • Leadwork repairs and replacement
  • Full rebuild or replacement of the chimney structure
  • All other aspects of chimney repair, rebuilding work, removal and roofing services.

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