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Flat Roofing - Common Problems

The team at Flat Roofing Glasgow have helped countless customers with their flat roof and have collated a list of common problems that we believe customers should be aware of:
  • Pooling: Due to the very nature of a flat roof, water can pool on the roof and if it does so for a continuous period of time, then it can damage the roof. Water is incredibly persistent and will find any way possible to permeate the property unless the roof is 100% non-porous.
  • Internal water damage: The majority of us have been in a property and noticed damp patches or watermarks on the wall or ceiling. These are a sign that water has penetrated the roof and is now on the inside of your flat roof. Should you notice these signs, it is vital you speak to experts such as Flat Roofing Glasgow and find out the true scale of any damage.
  • Growth of vegetation: It is natural for dust and other small debris to collect over time and if this is combined with water pooling on the roof, then it is the perfect situation for vegetation such as moss to grow. Should this be left unchecked, then it can root in the roof itself, causing damage and space for water to permeate.
  • Temperature damage: Whilst water is an obvious danger to flat roofing, it is important not to underestimate the impact of changing temperatures and extreme temperatures. Something that is occurring more and more in the current climate. Frequent changes in temperature will cause parts of the roof to expand and contract, and it is this effect which leads to the surface cracking when drying out. Furthermore, in high temperatures, felt roofing can bubble and so when it cools again, may lead to cracking. This all provides a route for water to enter the roof and property itself.
  • Punctures: Similar to cracking, any areas of the roof with small puncture holes, no matter how small, will allow water in and potentially cause harm. This can be something as simple as nails that are holding the roof down or extra equipment connected to the roof.
  • Condensation: This has long been a common problem for flat roofing but through research and experience, it is something that can be prevented, if repairs are performed correctly or roofs built correctly. That’s why it is vital to speak to experts like our team at Flat Roofing Glasgow, as preventative measures now can save a lot in the future. There are different ways to build a flat roof, which take into account the issue of condensation and revolve around vapour control layers and insulation. For more information, speak to one of our experts today.
  • Condensation: This can be a big issue with flat roofs but thankfully we have a thorough understanding of how this works, and we know how to repair your roof in a way that will prevent it from happening as easily again.

Solutions for Flat Roofing Problems

Flat roof materials are more affordable but with that comes a bigger maintenance burden because the materials used in the past were more subject to deterioration. Regular maintenance can help solve problems before they escalate into more serious issues and a timely call coupled with a fast response can prevent further damage from occurring. Our expert experts team can help you with any issue you may face.

Flat Roofing Specialists

At Flat Roofing Glasgow, we have the experience and expertise to support our customers who are considering a flat roof solution or require maintenance of their roof. With over a decade of experience on average for each of our expert team members, you can trust our honest and transparent approach to supporting customers. We utilise this expertise when we provide each client with a free, no-obligation quotation, within which we explain our findings, evidence supporting those findings, such as photographs and our advice on how to proceed. It is then a time for our customers to ask any questions they wish, to feel fully educated about the proposal, so as to make an informed decision.

Why choose a flat roof?

Flat roofing may be the most appropriate solution, simply because it is required as part of the planning process. Equally, due to it being relatively inexpensive, then it may fit the budget restrictions of your plans. No matter the reason, it is important to be aware that many believe flat roofing requires a greater degree of maintenance and protection when compared to more traditional roof choices such as slate. This isn’t necessarily a problem, if you enter into the building process with an awareness and understanding of how to look after the roof, as ultimately all roofing requires maintenance, otherwise, problems can occur. The primary issue with flat roofing is water collecting on the roof itself and not draining away correctly, causing issues such as sagging of the roof or leaks into the building itself. If not dealt with or prevented where possible, it is likely that these problems will escalate into far more costly problems, due to the damage they can cause.

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No matter whether you’re considering having a flat roof built, have an existing roof with problems or want to know more about preventative maintenance, then get in touch with the experts at Flat Roofing Glasgow today! We are proud of our reputation for honesty, efficiency and quality of service that customers can rely upon. Added to this is our belief in providing a free, no-obligation quotation for all customers so that they can make an informed choice before committing to any work.
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