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out of 5 stars
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Roof Repairs
We specialise in all roofing repair types. From Traditional and slate roofs to guttering and chimney repairs
Roof Maintenance
We are fully proficient at carrying out any type of roughcasting and rendering work to a very high standard
Flat Roofing
Flat Roofing
We are able to provide assistance with all types of flat roofing work no matter how big is the scale of the project
Chimney Repairs
We offer full guttering services in Glasgow and surroundings as well as prevention of leaks or complete rebuilds
A quality and efficient roofing service in Glasgow

Roofing Glasgow are specialists in their field, providing roofing services to customers in the Glasgow area for over 10 years, as well as further afield. The services we provide range from the installation of new roofing and maintenance services for existing roofing, to all levels of repairs. This can be minor repairs as a result of a minor fault or event, through to major repairs as a result of extreme weather or poor maintenance over a prolonged period of time.

The experts at Roofing Glasgow firmly believe that preventative measures, such as inspections and regular maintenance can reduce the chances of minor wear and tear turning into expensive repair work and replacement. Spending money now on these measures could save a lot more in the future.

Our services are built around being reliable, competent and a cost-effective solution for each customer. The team have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years and as a result, are capable of meeting all of your roofing needs. This includes the various types of roof that are used, when building houses, including flat, tiled, slate and many more. Our experts will review and assess your roof before scheduling a repair service bespoke to your needs and budget.

We are reliable and efficient roofer company in Edinburgh
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Our Roofing Glasgow team

Every member of our team are experts of their craft, with someone always on standby ready to complete inspections of customers roofs, quickly identifying the cause of any problems, as well as the impact of the wider infrastructure of your house. They will then submit a list of recommendations to you, for you to make a decision on how best to repair and protect your roof. Whenever we advise you on a procedure, we will ensure you receive all the information you need to make an educated decision, understanding the technical processes and materials needed, as well as the costs involved.

Building on our expertise in roofing, we provide gutter cleaning and repair services to all of our customers that may need it or have concerns about it. Whether you think your gutters may not be working properly or you have spotted damage, it is important to get experts to assess the situation and provide advice on action to take, to best protect your home. The added bonus of working with our experts is that you only need to use a single contractor, potentially saving time and money.

Roofing Services

At the heart of everything we do is our fantastic team of expert roofing specialists, who sign up to our belief that the highest of standards is required in everything we do. As a company and individuals, we benchmark ourselves against the highest professional standards and industry-wide quality checks. We believe these values feed through into a customer service that is unrivalled and if we are fortunate enough to work with you, then we will make sure you receive the best possible roofing service. Efficiency, honesty and transparency build relationships that last as long as a well-maintained roof.

Just like our choice of expert roofers, we ensure that our suppliers and the materials they provide to us meet the highest quality standards available. We stand by the motto that if they aren’t’ good enough for our own homes, they definitely aren’t good enough for our customers. When working with our customers, we will choose the most suitable materials to put in our quotations, matching technical requirements, longevity and budget constraints, wherever possible. In the situation where we are unable to repair a roof, due to excessive damage or neglect, we will work with the customer to recommend the best solution, only after assessing all of the potential options, including a full installation of a new roof.

When on-site at our customer’s properties, you can rest assured that our team will behave professionally, respecting both you and your property. Should you have any questions or concerns, they will be more than happy to take the time to talk to you about them and put your mind at rest.

Roofing Services
What will the experts check to tell if there is a problem with my roof?
The experts at Roofing Glasgow will assess all aspects of the roof, including covering, guttering systems, flashing (around vents and skylights) and any other parts that may be broken.
What type of roof should I have on my house?
This is a difficult question to answer without assessing the property first, as there are many types of roofing options available and it can depend on the following: Use of the building, access, weight requirements, any foot traffic, budget restrictions and any other ad-hoc factors found upon inspection. Our best advice is to speak to the team at Roofing Glasgow to arrange for a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your options.
How do I know if my roof has a problem?
The most common way people notice faults is due to visible leaking down walls or damage to the home. Depending on the severity of this and the condition of the roof itself, will determine the type of repair service required.
Does it cost money to have someone inspect our roof?
If you choose Roofing Glasgow, then absolutely not! We provide a free no-obligation consultation, where we will assess your roof and provide a report for you to consider the options available. All of this is free.
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