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Roofers Bishopbriggs

Welcome to Roofers Bishopbriggs, a leading roofing company supporting Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, surrounding areas and across Scotland. We're proud to provide expert roofing services, covering all aspects of roofing including standard roof repairs, flat roof repairs, roofing installations, roof maintenance, guttering repair and gutter cleaning.

Roof Repairs

At Roofers Bishopbriggs we specialise in all aspects of roof repairs including traditional and slate roofs as well as replacing a missing roof tile. We have worked for both commercial and residential clients, ranging from a small roof repair and chimney repair, up to large commercial warehouses.

Flat Roof Repairs

We provide dedicated flat roofing services for customers in need of flat roof repair services. Whether that is general flat roof repairs or a new roof installation, we are the expert provider for you. If you have a garage roof that needs replacing, emergency repairs due to a recent storm or a commercial office project then get in touch today.

Guttering Services

Our roofing company provides a full array of guttering services including gutter repair, gutter maintenance and gutter cleaning. Providing this service across Bishopbriggs and Central Scotland, we can help ensure your gutters prevent leaks and further damage to your property.

Quality and efficient roofing services across Bishopbriggs and Central Scotland

Roofing Bishopbriggs has been supporting customers for more than a decade, developing an enviable skill set that makes us specialists in our field. We provide a full range of roofing services including roof repairs and maintenance for existing properties, as well as installation services for new properties. This encompasses the full range of services, ranging from quick repairs on a minor fault to serious repairs as a result of damage or extreme weather.

Our roof repair process

We're proud to have created an effective and efficient process and we firmly believe that preventative measures including regular inspections and maintenance will minimise serious wear and tear, as well as unwanted costs. If you commit to this process from the start, then you can save a lot of money in the future.

A cost-effective, reliable roofing company

We have built our roofing company and the roofing services we deliver around the core concept of being reliable, cost-effective and delivering high-quality results. Our team have over 10 years of experience and in that time, have built a wealth of knowledge and experience that means we are more than capable of delivering the very best roofing services.

This level of expertise and experience means that we can minimise costs, whilst maximising the result. This includes the full range of roofing services, for different types of roof including flat, slate and tiled. Your roofing contractor will always assess your existing roof prior to scheduling a roofing service that will be tailored to your individual requirements. This will always take into account your budget and will be backed up by evidence so that you can make an informed decision. To find out more, get in touch with us today.

Our Roofing Bishopbriggs specialists

Each one of our fantastic local roofers is an expert in their field, with a passion and drive to provide the highest quality every time. We also ensure there is a member of staff on standby to visit customers and complete inspections. This allows us to quickly and effectively identify problems to ensure you have an accurate picture of the health of your roof and wider property. We will then submit a list of recommendations, along with justifications for these recommendations for how to best repair or protect your roof. At every stage of this process, we will ensure you have all the required information to make an educated decision so that there are no nasty surprises or hidden costs further down the line.

Roofing and guttering expertise

As part of the wide range of roofing services we provide, we not only offer expert roof repairs and roof replacement but also gutter repairs and gutter cleaning. Gutters provide your home with protection from the weather and without them working effectively, you could suffer from significant structural damage. If you spot any signs of damage or failure in the guttering system then it is our advice to take action straight away. One of the benefits of working with a roofing company like us is that we have experts for all aspects of roofing and guttering under one roof. This will save you time, money and stress.

Roofing Services

Our core values are centred around our team of expert roofing and building contractors, who are committed to the highest standards in everything we do, from customer interactions to roofing repairs. As a roofing company and roofing contractors, we actively benchmark ourselves against the very best professional standards and industry quality checks that our customers expect. It is our belief that these core values deliver an unparalleled level of customer service, resulting in the best possible roofing service. We appreciate the chance to support our customers with their roofing needs and if you choose us then we will work in an efficient, honest and transparent way. To find out more, see some of the fantastic reviews of customers who would highly recommend our services.

Maintaining quality

In addition to choosing the very best roofing team, we will only use the most reliable network of suppliers and materials that meet our very high standards of quality. It is our belief that if a service or product isn't good enough for our own property, it certainly wouldn't be good enough for customers homes. Once we understand your requirements, we will select the most suitable materials for your individual needs including budget and technical requirements. If we assess your roof or home and as a result of significant damage it cannot be repaired, we will work together to suggest the best possible solution including a full roof installation.

Why you should trust us

At every stage of the journey with our team, you can trust that we will treat you and your property in a professional, respectful manner. If you have questions at any stage, we will take the time to answer them in a clear and supportive way so that you can be confident in the work we are doing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The team have put together a collection of the most frequently asked questions, along with answers to help the decision-making process feel much easier. It is our belief that we can offer useful insight and support for any customers wanting roofing services or find a suitable roofing company. If you'd like to know more about one of our roofing services, roof repairs or our company in general, then please get in touch with one of the team today.

What will the experts check to tell if there is a problem with my roof?

Our team at Roofing Bishopbriggs will undertake a complete assessment of your roof including the gutter systems, covers, flashing and all other aspects of roofing. This will be to see if there is damage, faults or potential issues and can be performed on both residential and commercial roofing.

What type of roof should I have on my house?

In order to answer this, it depends on a range of criteria and we believe the best approach to advising on roofing services is to complete a full assessment first. Some of the factors that determine the type of roofing include: what the building is used for, access requirements, weight limits, potential foot traffic on the roofing, budget requirements and other specific factors discovered during the assessment. Every roofing company should provide a free, no-obligation consultation to allow you to discuss your options and this is a service we provide every customer.

How do I know if my roof has a problem?

It can sometimes be hard to tell if there is a problem with your roofing. Whether you spot something specific or just have concerns there may be a fault after serious weather, we advise speaking to a roofing company like Roofing Bishopbriggs. Our experts will inspect every part of the roof to ensure we spot any potential issues.

Does it cost money to have someone inspect our roof?

No, our Bishopbriggs roofing company will not charge you for an inspection of your roofing. It is our commitment to customers to provide a free, no-obligation consultation to fully understand the situation and provide an honest, detailed report that you can trust.


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